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Outstanding Offices: 12 Unorthodox Business Buildings

08/17/2012 9:41 am
Why should office buildings be sprawling gray complexes in uninspired shapes, filled with depressing gray cubicles in which workers sit and long for a glimpse of nature? For a space so integral to a company’s most important functions, offices tend to be far too bland – but not these 12 buildings. Like a breath of fresh air in a stale room, the architecture of these structures is a welcome change,...

Media Outsourcing and Journatic: Hate the Player, Not the Game

07/23/2012 8:05 am
There has been a debate raging in the media lately over the practices of a journalism-outsourcing startup called Journatic, which used to provide hyperlocal news content to such papers as the Chicago Tribune and the San Francisco Chronicle. The service was dropped by several newspapers after it was revealed that some stories it distributed had fake bylines, and others have stopped using it due to more...

Chinese Protesters See Greater Online Freedom About the Environment

07/23/2012 7:57 am
When residents of Shifang, Sichuan, started worrying about the environmental impact of a planned molybdenum copper plant, they knew what to do. As thousands of protesters, including students, took to the streets on July 1, they were already fanning concerns and building opposition on the Internet. “Without doubt, Shifang will become the biggest cancer town in years,” said a post on Sina Weibo,...

Electronic Form I-9 Process: Signatures and Storage

07/02/2012 8:46 am
In the wake of the government’s crackdown on worksite enforcement, companies are looking to technology to be proactive in showing their compliance of employing a lawful workforce. Now technology has been developed for the I-9 process, in an electronic form of storage, as a way of helping some companies keep track of the required I-9 form, which is the form required for employers to document for...

Motivation and Recognition with Business News

06/30/2012 10:04 am
Nowadays, there are many businesses that keep on booming. Businesses can function extremely well just on the basis of a good employer-employee relationship. HR policies of certain companies were published as special reports creating hype equal to that of latest news. Life in these organizations is conducive to the growth and health of both business and individual. These individuals take up a different...