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Choose a color for the living room

Implications color and decorate your living room
And one of the determinants of the space family room is the color of the walls.


phong khach mau trung tinh
According to feng shui concept, neutral colors work only emotional support, creating the notion of peace, warmth. Therefore, these colors are used a lot in interior design, color schemes used for the room and if that color combination is neutral dexterity will make more effective from certain simple crude to refined luxury.

The advantage of neutral colors is difficult to be outdated, they do not emphasize or obscure light of the quality furniture or other colors around. Also, use neutral colors also help families to create harmony between the colors of the items together and easily combined with modern materials such as glass, leather, stainless steel.

If you are a love of elegant, soft neutral colors, the colors are great to show them your personality. Creamy white and pale, neutral tones are best for every room space. This two-tone suit many styles and different types of furniture. Cream-colored walls, go with a brown sofa, and some ornaments, black or dark brown will bring elegance and feeling strong.

Modern colors

The modern colors make the space more lively, youthful and attractive, stimulating creative user. If as before the family always choose the color for the living room is now light, fresh tone colors such as yellow, blue nuggets, orange, pink … contribute to a bright room fun, beautiful.

However, modern colors are difficult to use more neutral in that if the abuse they will have the opposite effect, causing the sensation of discomfort, quick-tempered and inhibition. The best way is to combine harmoniously with the dominant color is a neutral color that can only paint a wall in the night to create focal points, making the space less monotonous.


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