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Cement Dry Mix Plaster

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Features & Specification
We are Selling Agents for a Reputed Cement Manufacturing Company in India with Plants in multi locations. They also offer READY MIX PLASTER. These products are manufactured in Collaboration with M-TEC of Germany. The compound known as SUPER PLASTER is a dry mix Plaster which can be used immediately without adding of sand and preparing mortar. Required quantity of water can be mixed with the SUPER PLASTER and used immediately for Plastering, brick or Block Laying. The compound consists of high quality portland cement, Hydrated lime, Sand and certain Additives. This SUPER PLASTER imparts excellent and smooth finish, extends better adhesion to normal cement plasters, is Crack Resistant due to the elasticity, extends smooth workability and excellent surface finish, eleminates uneven cement sand mixture in different batches in large constructions, and affords 15-20% higher coverage compared to normal cement plaster mix. The ratio of Cement, Hydrated Lime and Additives to fine sand is maintained at 1:4 ratio. On request, higher Ratios like 1:5 or 6 is provided. This product reduces unwanted labour and time in the preperation of the cement mortar. The packing is in 40 kgs PP bags. The chemical and Physical properties are better than plain cement mortar and the product would be supplied along with the Manufacturer’s Test Certificate.