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Duplex Stainless Sructural Sections Off The Shelf.

Outokumpu has published a new brochure which catalogues the DUPROF high strength structural sections manufactured from Duplex stainless steel plate. The brochure is a handy tool that brings the products within easy reach of designers and engineers.

The Outokumpu trademark DUPROF stands for standardized structural sections in Duplex stainless steel. These sections open a wide range of opportunities for builders to take advantage of the properties of Duplex grades in general applications where high strength and long service lives are required. Duplex grades allow for considerable weight savings where their strength can be utilized in design, which makes Duplex a cost-efficient high-strength steel alternative.

Outokumpu now makes the DUPROF structural sections easy to specify and order by designers, engineers and distributors: Outokumpu has published a brochure which catalogues standard L- and U-profiles. The profiles are listed by cross section dimensions and properties, as well as by area and mass.

DUPROF structural sections are produced at the Outokumpu plate service center Outokumpu PSC Nordic in Degerfors, Sweden, and they are available worldwide. Standard sections are manufactured from plates in stock with short lead times. They are available in the 6-meter length and thicknesses from 5 to 15 mm, in Duplex grades LDX 2101® (1.4162), 2304 (1.4362) and 2205 (1.4462). Other dimensions and profile types can be manufactured, using other stainless steel grades, according to customer specifications.

The brochure “DUPROF Structural Sections in High Strength Stainless Steels” is available in English and Swedish, both online (English, Swedish) and in print. The print version is available from Outokumpu PSC Nordic, email psc.nordic(at)